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ICEstripe Sport

ICEstripe Sport is designed primarily for people who like to spend their free time in nature. A long hike along mountain trails, rock climbing or a weekend rally in the wilderness? ICEstripe Sport should be your choice. Made of synthetic fabric strap with reflective elements will certainly be useful for such a trip.
The Sport bracelet gives users 6 lines of text in which you can put the most important personal information. Data will be laser engraved on a badge made from stainless steel, making the text very durable. There are 4 available colors of our ICEstripe Sport bracelet. 

There are 2 sizes available. For most adults size M/L will be adequate. S is mostly kids size: size S - wrist circumference 120-150 mm (4.7-5.9"), size M/L - wrist circumference 151-200 mm (5.9-7.88").