What is ICEstripe? | ICEstripe

What is ICEstripe?

ICEstripe is a collection of unique identifiers that contain personal data such as name, blood type, information about the diseases which affects the ICEstripe holder, and most importantly - a contact number for a loved one, who should be notified in case of emergency.


  • If you are unable to speak for yourself, ICEstripe will do it
  • Thanks to ICEstripe, rescuers quickly obtain information about your symptoms and possible causes for loss of consciousness.
  • Your loved ones will be informed of what happened to you and where you are.
  • The medical services will receive more extensive information about your state of health, allergies and medications you take.
  • Thanks to ICEstripe, one can save valuable time during the first hours after the accident, when every second is at a premium.
  • It is better to wear the armband ICEstripe and never need to use it rather than vice versa. ICEstripe, the cheapest life insurance available
  • Every year thousands of anonymous people go to the hospital unconscious.
  • By wearing ICEstripe you display that you are an active and responsible person.
  • ICEstripe is not just a band and trendy gadget, it is also about how others will perceive you
  • Even if ICEstripe can save the life of one person in 100,000, it is a good enough reason to have it!

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