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Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions:
1 These Regulations are an integral part of the products contract of purchase offered by the company ICEstripe SC with its registered office in Gdynia on ul. Pionierów 1/2, Poland, NIP 5862280543, REGON 221 808 969 and determines the terms and conditions of the Company's sales.
2 Sales are made via the Internet between: the person purchasing on-line, the so-called customer, and ICEstripe SC, the seller.
3 Buyer may be: any natural person who is not a minor (at least 18 years of age) and have full legal capacity, legal person or entity without legal personality, registered in the online store ICEstripe.com. Buyer and the Customer are used here synonymously.
4 Every customer who buys the products offered by ICEstripe SC should be acquainted with the Regulations.
5 Products offered by ICEstripe.com are intended for users over the age of 3 years.
II. Item Sales:
6 The products for sale are presented in the Online Store ICEstripe.com .
7 All products offered in the Online Store ICEstripe.com are new and free of any default and legal defects and have been legally introduced into the European  market .
8 The prices of all products presented in the Online Store ICEstripe.com are denominated in Euro  - if the client chooses a different currency, the binding exchange rate will be determined at the date of conclusion of the contract. Prices contained on ICEstripe.com are gross, but do not include shipping costs, which are determined individually on the basis of a specific contract and chosen carrier.
9 Seller updates current product offerings and specifications presented in our Online Store ICEstripe.com .
10 Payment for performance of the contract occurs exclusively through the online payment service offered by available on-site payment platforms  on Account Resellers (prepayment) integrated with the Online Store ICEstripe.com .
11 Seller issues and sends along with the purchased goods receipts and bills guaranteeing the authenticity of their origin and the integrity of their content.
III. Execution of the contract :
12 Orders can be placed online through website (online store) ICEstripe.com. This can be done by registering an user account on the website ICEstripe.com .
13 Registered users can:
purchase via online store ICEstripe.com,
receive individual discounts,
are entitled to participate in promotions and contests.
14 To register properly it is required to complete all fields in the registration form containing the information required to create a login.
15 By registering your account, You as the customer agreed to:
include your contact details in the database ICEstripe.com and use them in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data Dz. U. nr 133 poz. 883. These data will be used to record sales and contact with the buyer by the seller,
accept the rules listed on the ICEstripe.com online store,
receive information about promotions and new products.
16 In the case of amendments to the Regulations seller will inform users of the changes by posting the message on the login page in the Online Store ICEstripe.com.
17 You agree to amend the Rules by clicking confirmation message on the login page in the Online Store ICEstripe.com.
18 In order to purchase products in our Online Store ICEstripe.com click the selected product, fill out the order form and make a payment through available on-site online payment platform integrated with the Store ICEstripe.com under a separate agreement between the two entities.
19 The order is not submitted until the wire transfers are pended on available on-site  Payments service.
20 By purchasing customers consent to the processing of personal data by ICEstripe.com in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29.08.1997.
IV. Delivery:
21 Deliveries of products ordered in the Online Store ICEstripe.com will be implemented on any domestic or foreign address given by the customer in the order form.
22 Purchased products are delivered by the International Postal Service
23 The client cannot personally pick up the purchased item.
24 The cost of delivery of the products purchased is determined automatically in the order form on the basis of submitted orders and shipping address that was specified by the customer.
25 The duration of product delivery usually takes no longer than 14 business days.
26 In the case of temporary inability to implement the provision of the properties requested by the Customer, the Seller reserves the right to substitute the item in accordance to the same quality and purpose and for the same price or remuneration upon notice to Customer electronically.
27 If the Seller fails to comply with the provision of the properties requested by the client due to the lack of availability of the product offered, the Seller shall notify the customer within seven days and refund the paid price of the product .
28 Receiving the shipment requires a written confirmation. With the release of the goods to the Customer all legal and physical liabilities are shifted to the Buyer.
29 In cases of obvious damage in the external packing of the goods (e.g, container rupture, dent, flooding) Customer is responsible for the preparation of the damage report with the data carrier and the customer, date, place of discovery of the damage, the detailed description and signatures of both sides. Moreover, in case of any damage to equipment that may be related to the delivery (despite the lack of damage to the outer packaging), it is recommended that the customer sends a notice to the email address (available in the “Contact” section of the website) within 24 hours of the date of delivery and no later than five days directly from serving the shipment. Consideration of application for damages is possible only in case of complete and correctly filled damage of serving containing a detailed description of the perceived damage to the shipment.
30 In case of damage inside the package (or shortages) after unpacking, one should list a complaint protocol with thecarrier, stating the reasons for the complaint and comply with the requirements set out in the Memorandum of damage in section 29.
31 Seller is not responsible for the consequences of failure to comply with these obligations. In the case of non-compliance with the above regulations, reports of mechanical damage during transportation equipment, as well as reports of shortages will not be accepted as complaints related to the delivery of equipment. This does not limit or exclude the Buyer's rights provided for in the specific conditions of consumer sale of 27.07.2002 (Dz. U. 02 R. 141 poz. 1176) and the Act of 03.23.1964, the Civil Code (Dz. U. 64.16.93) .
V. The right to withdraw from the contract:
32 A customer who has a contract at a distance may withdraw from it in writing without giving any reason within 10 days from the date of delivery of goods. The statement of withdrawal must be sent by registered mail to the address of our office or to the e -mail address provided on the website ICEstripe.com in the "Contact Us".
33 The ICEstripe.com online shop in the case of failure to collect the goods by the customer due to the cancellation of service, reserves the right to deduct the cost of shipping. However, if the customer requests a re-dispatch, he/she will be required to settle expenses for the return. In addition, in the case the merchandise returned ICEstripe.com possesses any signs of malfunction or bears the hallmarks of service, due to the breach of contract, the client is burdened with all kinds of costs.
34 10-day term is counted from the date of delivery of goods.
35 Goods should be returned in the same state, immediately after the declaration of withdrawal from the contract, no later than within 14 days of receipt of shipment.
36 In the event of cancellation of the contract of sale of goods purchased in a set with another product, the entire set will be refunded .
37 The costs of returning the goods, in connection with the withdrawal from the contract, shall be borne by the Client.
38 These rights and obligations are limited to the Customer making the purchase of products in the online store ICEstripe.com.
VI. Warranty and Returns :
39 Each customer who has entered into an agreement to purchase is entitled to claim.
40  In the case of disclosing a defect one should contact the Seller electronically.
41 In order to identify and streamline the complaint, the Customer who makes a complaint, is recommended to indicate the date of the contract and the details of the person who made the purchase.
42 After consideration of a complaint by the Seller, the customer receives e-mail  containing further instructions for handling complaints.
43 Erroneous goods should be delivered to the Seller's registered office which is where customers purchased the product.
44  It is recommended that every customer complaint shipment is clearly marked with a special reference to identify the shipping order number. Efficient conduct of the inquiry is dependent on correct and visible order number marking of shipping your order number. The absence of the reference prevents the identification of a complaint and significantly delays the case.
45 Customer can cancel order within 10 days from the date of delivery provided that the product was not used,  is complete, has not been stained or otherwise damaged. It is important to send the appropriate declarations in electronic format or in writing (for the sake of time is enough to send a statement of resignation before the expiry of 10 days from the date of delivery). It is recommended that the customer making the complaint sends the goods within 7 days after filing the claim. There shall be no form of sending the goods after the a priori agreed 12-month warranty period.
46 Complaints are dealt with in the shortest possible time from the date of delivery of complaint to the Seller.
47 Having considered the complaint, customer will been notified on the e-mail provided by the buyer.
48 The products offered by the Seller have a one year warranty .
49 Warranty does not cover all types of mechanical failure resulting from misuse of the product.
50 In case of sale of goods in trade between businesses, on the basis of Art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code, exclude the liability of the Seller under warranty for defects and legal services and in particular agree that it (in this case the Seller) shall not be liable for hidden defects the subject of sale.
51 ICEstripe.com reserves the right to refuse to print any type of offensive content, and in this case the right to cancel the contract and refund the money paid within 14 days from the date of booking deposit.
52 Seller pays particular attention to the protection of customer privacy. In particular, protects data against unauthorized disclosure, as well as against their treatment in violation of the provisions of Polish law.
53 Buyer notes that the visualization on the website is only animation, rather than the final product.
54 ICEstripe SC is not responsible for the use of its products NOT in accordance with their intended use.